Parking Solution

Technospacio Parking Guidance System

With the modernization of China’s cities and the development of internationalization, the number of car ownership of urban residents has increased sharply. The contradiction between cars and parking spaces has become more and more prominent in crowded urban areas. Public parking lots are increasingly unable to meet the growing demand for parking. How to make full use of the limited parking lot resources to meet the parking demand of vehicles to the greatest extent has become an urgent problem to be solved.

The current problems in parking lots are:
  • 1. There are still many parking spaces available in the field. The manager knows nothing and can only investigate by hand;
  • 2. After the parking lot enters the parking lot, it cannot quickly enter the parking position to park the vehicle. It can only find the empty parking space in the disorderly flow in the field, which not only takes up the resources of the main lane, but also causes traffic congestion inside the venue;
  • 3. must be equipped with a large number of full-time management personnel to manually guide vehicles in the parking lot to increase the cost of parking management;
  • 4. Managers cannot timely calculate the traffic volume in different periods in time, and cannot optimize the allocation of parking space resources in time, resulting in low utilization of parking lots.
In order to improve the informationization and intelligent management level of the parking lot, the car owner is provided with a safer, more comfortable, convenient, fast and open environment to realize the high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection of the parking lot operation. Technology, combined with the actual situation in the country, developed this parking lot parking space guidance system, used for parking space parking guidance, enhanced information management of parking lots, stable control and management of vehicle access

the system can automatically guide vehicles to quickly enter Empty parking spaces, eliminating the trouble of finding a parking space, saving time and making the parking lot image more perfect; the system can provide parking space reservation, VIP special parking space function, and bring a distinguished experience to the owner.

The Advantage Of Using Parking Space Guidance System
  • 1. Improve the parking environment and improve customer satisfaction: By using the parking space parking guidance system, it is possible to guide the vehicle owner to quickly stop, thereby reducing the residence time of the owner due to finding a parking space. Thereby, the parking lot turnover rate of the parking lot is increased, and the parking turnover rate is increased by more than 30% compared with that before installation. At the same time, the disputes and unhappiness caused by finding the parking space are reduced, and the satisfaction of the owner of the overall service level of the parking lot is improved.
  • 2. Reduce corporate management costs: With the development of society, the cost of manpower management will become higher and higher. The parking space guidance system will effectively reduce the management personnel in the parking lot, reduce the management cost of the enterprise, and improve the refined management level of the parking lot. Reasonably allocate parking lot management personnel and be able to know the remaining parking spaces in the field in real time.
  • 3. Energy saving and environmental protection: By using the parking lot parking guidance system, the average saving time for finding the parking space is 15 minutes, saving 45% of the mileage of the searched parking space, thereby reducing The automobile exhaust emissions are in line with the social development trend of low-carbon energy conservation.
  • 4. Enhance corporate image and enhance competitiveness: The use of the parking lot parking guidance system not only brings convenience to the parking of the parking lot, but also enhances the corporate image and shows the strong hard power and soft power of the enterprise.