Vehicle Scanner

Drive-through Technology

TS-X-900 used advanced high energy, low radiation X-ray scanning technique, can quickly determine the vehicle according to screening images, Whether the car is equipped with dangerous goods and contraband, such as weapons, explosives, drugs. The system adapted to transport design.The driver don't have to get off the vehicle when vehicle is scanning ,real-time screening images,that can be applicable to small and medium vehicle inspection system. Meanwhile,it can also ensure people safety.

General Specification
Tunnel size 3.0m (W) *3.0m (H)
Scanning speed 720m/h
Throughput 150 vehicles/h
Max vehicle length 20 m
Penetration steel 45mm steel
Wire detectability standard:1mm typical:0.75mm
A/D conversion 16bit (65536)
Level of x-ray source 200KV
Image accusition mode Real-time, synchronized

  • TS-X-900 with a variety of options,adaptable to individual requirements.It can also connect with Under Vehicle Surveillance System,so that keep vehicle safety all-around.
  • The horizontal part of the L-shaped detector line is integrated in a flat bar that is easily installed.Gradual ramps allow a smooth transition over the detector line and ensure that high standards in image quality are not compromised.
  • The drive-through system configuration of ZA2900,in combinatoin with the minimized foortprint,provides a rapid and cost-efficient inspectoin of vehicles,thus reducing total cost of ownership.
  • TS-X-900 is an ideal solution for the protection of critical infrastructure facilities such as government buildings, checkpoints,nuclear power plants and other utilities,as well as land and sea borders.