Swing Barrier


The TS-S-700 Swing gates are stylish waist-high security speed gates that operate on the swing open principle with glass (or plastic) panels acting as the barrier gate. Depending on which side of the Technospacio Swing Lane the person approaches, the gate when authorised, will swing open in the opposing direction allowing them passage through the controlled lane. The Technospacio Swing Lane has the ability to embed most manufacturers access control readers beneath its top glass cover, and with the intuitive LED user indication and guidance, this security speed gate encompasses safety with high traffic flow capacity. The Technospacio Swing Lane is offered with different dimensions of swinging gates, which enables lane widths of up to 1000mm.

Technical Specification
Motor type DC brushless motor
Flow rate 40-50people/minute
Passage width(mm) ≤1000
Rated Power 50W
Cabint material SUS 304;1.5mm top lid/1.2mm side
Infared sensor 8 pairs
Input/Output signal dry contact/relay signal
Dimension 1508*160*1019mm
Net Weight 55kgs
Gross weight 57KG
Operating Temperature -10 °C- 60 °C
Operating Humidity 5%-85%
Indoor/Outdoor covered Yes
Voice prompt Yes