Tyre Killer


Applied in our manufacturing process, the technologies have speeded up the whole process and guaranteed the product quality.In the application range(s) of Traffic Barriers,Road Blocker Hydraulic Heavy Duty Security Traffic Blocker Automatic Anti Terrorism Prison is of great use.

Since established, our company has focused on setting up a technology development team which aims to develop and upgrade technologies to effectively manufacture products. Its uses have been expanded to the field(s) of Road Blocker Hydraulic Heavy Duty Security Traffic Blocker Automatic Anti Terrorism Prison. It turns out that the application of the technology plays an important role in deciding the performance of the product. At present, it can be widely seen in the field(s) of Traffic Barriers. Technospacio, have long desired to become one of the most influential enterprises in the industry. At present, we are busy improving our capabilities in product manufacturing, and gathering talents especially technical talents to develop our own core technologies.

Material A3 steel
Interception width 500mm
Interval of the spike 150mm
Spike thighs increased 150mm
Main frame heighT 90mm
Brand Name Technospacio
Dimensions of Body 3000*1000*750mm
Panel thickness 16mm
Spike thighs increased 10mm
Main frame heighT 650mm
Rise speed 2S

The roadblock machine is also known as the anti-terrorist wall. According to the needs of users, it is divided into roadblocks with spear point and roadblock without spear point. It consists of a fixed frame, a turning body, a hydraulic power system and an electrical control system. Generally used in important departments such as troops, logistics warehouses, nuclear power plants, military bases, and governments. Used to protect regional safety and prevent violent intrusion of foreign vehicles.