Boom Barrier Gate


Technospacio 2nd generation servo motor gate adopts integrated design and mold manufacturing with international leading technology, compact structure, high precision, high consistency and standardization, and use planetary reducer transmission, high efficiency, long life, no oil leakage, no blocking, low noise, the motor adopts 24V permanent magnet rare earth synchronous servo motor, small size, low power consumption, large torque, wide speed regulation, no heat, small penetration, precise limit, etc., TS-B-500 series intelligent barrier gates use innovative technology design and manufactured with precision machinery toguarantee satisfaction inqualityand reliability for years to come.TS-B-500 Intelligent barrier gate has been labtested for more than 10 millions opening/closing and still without any degrade inperformance-superb mechanical life time for heavy duty application. 1. Open and close speed adjustable 2. Arm direction Left and Right can change easily 3. When power off, manual open and close arm, and lock itself. 4. Wireless remote 5. Photocell I0 port output 6. Loop detector anti-collision I0 output 7. Open and close control input 8. 12V traffic light output 9. Traffic light signal output 10. Open and close the limit signal output 11. Counting (fleet) input RS485 communication input 12. 24V battery input port 13. Delay close arm function(1-300 sec. Adjustable) 14. Open and close arm speed deceleration function 15. One-key setting arm type with corresponding speed 16. Arm auto-reverse function ( Force adjustable) 17. Anti-collision alarm function (additional sensors and alarms are required) 18.RS485 communication output

Working Temperature -30℃~+70℃ -30℃~+70℃
Power Supply 24/100/240VAC,50/60Hz 24/100/240VAC,50/60Hz
Open/close Speed 0.9Sec-8Sec(Adjustable) 0.6Sec-6Sec(Adjustable)
Rated Power 200W 400W
Driving Method Servo motor Servo motor
Humidity ≤90% ≤90%
Remote Control Distance ≤100m(open,sunny weather) ≤100m(open,sunny weather)
Protection Grade IP54 IP54
Motor No-load speed 3000r/min 3000r/min
Max Boom Length 3m-6m 2.5m