Rising Bollard


Product Descriptions

This is a new designed electric-hydraulic operated retractable bollard for roadblock management. The system can be quickly and easily operated, suitable for both security and access control applications. The system is designed to bring convenience and enhancements to higher level security. It is an ideal choice for universities, pedestrian sidewalks, parking lots, government buildings, gyms, amusement parks, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, and occasions with high traffic flow.

  • Different thickness of steel is available (default 6 mm).
  • The different color is available.
  • Customized size is available
  • Steady and safe due to the OMRON PLC control system.
  • Speedy rising time and durable quality with hydraulic pressure.
  • Lowering down the bollard by handle valve, in case of power failure or fault of the automatic system.
  • Raising up the bollard by handle pump, in case of power failure or fault of the automatic system.
  • Housing with durable and stainless Galvanization.
  • Optimization of the frame structure, high anti-impact capability, high loading capability.
  • High security and anti-collision ability.
  • With a reflective band and a low energy consumption LED light at night.
Product Name Electric automatic bollard
Control System Electric-hydraulic operated
Maximum Weight Of Passing Cars ≤8 T
Power Supply 220 V (control voltage: 24V)
System Power 1.5kW / 2.2kW
Rising Time ≤ 4 s (adjustable)
Dropping Time ≤ 2 s (adjustable)
Working Temperature -35°C ~75°C
Material #304 stainless steel
The Diameter Of The Pillar 219mm (168mm, 275mm, 324mm are also available)
The Thickness Of Housing 6mm(8mm, 10 mm are also available)