Rising Bollard


Product Descriptions

Hydraulic automatic bollard mainly consists of oil pump unit and steel frame construction. It use soil pressure as dynamic to realize the rise/fall of bollard.As a moving device, it is usually installed at vehicle entrance/exit. It rises to block the vehicle and falls the ground level to authorize free passing.

  • Anti-collision:It can be used normally after being hit by a 12-ton vehicle.
  • Anti-destructive power:After being hit by a 16-ton vehicle, Hydraulic road bollards deformation.
  • internal structure:With load-bearing steel beam and column, anti-collision steel beam column, 4 navigation rods.
  • Can be manually lowered in the event of a power outage.
  • Linkage interface.
  • Reversible operation according to requirements during ascent and descent.
  • Noise during operation of the device≤60 dB.
  • Waterproof integrated hydraulic drive.
  • Control solenoid valve 24V.
  • Control box display text adjustable (up, down, start, time control adjustment).
  • Display text in English.
  • Water immersion performance:no leakage during 48 hours and normal lifting.
  • Anti-corrosion performance level: 9.Technical Parameters.
Color Silver
Thickness 6mm
Raising/lowering speed 3-6s(adjustable)
Diameter 219mm
Raised Height 600-900mm(optional)
Material 304 stainless steel
Control Mode remote control(< 50m)
System Control hydraulic and electric control
Working temperature -30℃~+75℃
Embedded cylinder depth 1100mm
Lamp Belt LED lamp(Acrylic light circle)
Power Supply 220V/380V
Thickness 6mm
Weight 100-155kg
Anti-Collision Levels K6
Service Life 3 million times
Drainage mode Natural drainage+External drainage system