Flap Barrier


TS-F-600 Patent Series Flap Turnstiles are robust products functioning to provide pedestrian access control in areas requiring moderate level of security. With its compact case design, provides a perfect solution for tight installation areas. Encoder and PLC controlled obstacle movement is provided by Brushless Servo motor, and enhanced with security features such as anti-tail-gating and anti-pass-back, with five pairs of optical sensors embedded in the turnstile case, which in total ensures one of the highest reliability available in market and a remarkably long life even in case of intensive usages.

TS-F-600 Series flap Gates are the perfect solution, where design, aesthetics and passage speed are important.

Technical Specification
Motor type DC brushless motor
Flow rate 40-60people/minute
Passage width(mm) ≤600
Rated Power 50W
Cabint material SUS 304;1.5mm top lid/1.2mm side
Infared sensor 3 pairs
Input/Output signal dry contact/relay signal
Dimension 1400*300*980mm
Net weight 55KG
Gross weight 57KG
Operating Temperature -10 °C- 60 °C
Operating Humidity 5%-85%
Working Environment Indoor/Outdoor covered
Voice prompt Yes