Sliding Turnstile


TECHNOSPACIO sliding speed gates provide aesthetic and effective control of entry or exit at kinds of toll collection systems like train/metro stations, and access control for commercial centers, stadiums, schools, government and private sector buildings etc.

TS-WGS-500 deluxe square head sliding turnstile has high end looking and efficient throughput . Designed for heavy traffic sites with smooth and silent operation.They eliminate the need for attendants at entrances and provide a means to count the number of pedestrians entering into a facility. These turnstiles paired with card readers and electronic operation are the most popular choice for subway systems and can be found in most of them.

Technical Specification
Mechanism part Connecting rod structure
Motor type DC brushless motor/Servo motor
Flow rate 30-40people/minute
Passage width(mm) 650-900
Rated Power 80W
Cabinet Material SUS 304/316 ;1.5mm thickness
Infared sensor 6 pairs
Glass panel height(mm) 800/1200/1500/1800
Input/Output signal dry contact/relay signal
Dimension(mm) 1600*300*1000mm
IR sensor(pair) 6 (defaulted)
Net Weight(kg) 70
Gross weight 75KG
Operating Temperature -28 °C- 60 °C
Operating Humidity 5%-85%
Working Environment Indoor/Outdoor covered
Voice prompt Yes