Speed Barrier Gate


TECHNOSPACIO High Speed gate TS-SG-700 is a high end elegant speed gate series with patented appearance.it is designed to provide civilized and orderly access control management for pedestrians in high end sites,protecting physical security. for instance security desks,government facilities, schools,banks and hospitals, universities,sports and entertainment and student campus,it can prevent unauthorized persons access via multiple recognition modes,like RFID reader/QR code scanner/Facial terminal/Remote control/Token etc.

Technical Specification
Motor type DC Brushless motor
Cabinet Material Full body foot thickness 1.5mm SUS304
Passage width(mm) 600-900mm
Rated Power 60W
Flow rate 30-40 persons/minute
Passage direction Single directional/Bi-directional
Operating time 0.2 seconds
Power input AC100-240V,50/60HZ
Emergency signal Yes
Dimension(mm) 1509*160*1019MM + swing panel 300-450MM
Working voltage 60volt
Working humidity 30%~95%
Working temperature -40℃~+70℃
Net Weight(kg) 75
Compatibility Compatible to all recogntion methods available
Communication interface RS232/485